On Signing Up for a Marathon and Working Out Loud



Here’s a completely non-code related piece of information: I have signed up for a marathon. It’s happening on the 2nd of July, in the Gold Coast.

Wish me luck!

It’s exciting since I had the intention to run the San Francisco marathon in 2022 (last year), but unfortunately decided to move back to Australia.

I’m sharing this to make myself accountable, but also because I want to share m.o.r.e. There is a concept called ‘learn in public’ or ‘working out loud’.

I love this idea.

Often we only see the success of others, but we don’t see the failures and the journey towards that ‘success’.

I enjoy writing and sharing. Often, I hesitate to publish my writing because of the feeling of ‘I am not an expert on this subject’. The same goes for building side-projects.

We feel that we might get juged by someone who knows more on the subject. Or because our writing is not interesting enough. Or our project is not ready yet.

Sharing in public makes us feel vulnerable.

Being vulnerable is a strength we should celebrate. It’s the first step towards growth.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Any story has a beginning.

This post, while being uninformative is a way of giving myself permission to be more vulnerable. Beyond the ‘Hey, I signed up for a marathon’, the underlying message is ‘Hey, let’s open up and share more’.

See you soon, Alo