Hi, I’m Aloys, or simply Alo.

As a person

Let’s start with the most important bit: the non-work related stuff.

I enjoy and practice outdoor sports quite a bit. Right now, I tend to spend my weekends either kitesurfing or surfing. In the past, I spent a lot of time in the Alps, practicing acrobatic paragliding, skiing or simply tramping up the mountains.

As a developer

I am currently working as front-end developper in Brisbane.

In the past, I mainly worked as a fullstack developper - but my area of expertise remains in the front end. I have worked in production with different technologies and frameworks.

On the front side, I had the chance to work in production with all the main frameworks: Vue, React, Svelte, Angular and even AngularJS. I don’t fret over vanilla JS, but I do see the value of reaching one to a framework when needed. Speaking of JS, I rarely used JavaScript anymore - I have switched to TypeScript for 99% of my work for a few years now.

For the backend, my tool of choice as a freelancer has been Laravel as it gets the job done - but these days, I would probably reach out to a JS back-end framework to limit context switching. I also had the chance to dabble in Rust when working in San Francisco. /perso/gh/perso/gh

Next goals

This year, I am experimenting with the 12 Weeks Year. Without going into details, the idea is to approach your year in four chunks, in a sort-of agile way.

The goals for my next 12 weeks are:

I have few projects going on at the minute, one of thenm being the website you’re currently on. For the past few years, I meant to open a digital-garden-like website, and here it is.

This site is powered by Astro, and it’s where I spend most of my outside of work

Feel free to poke around my website and stay as long as you wish. I publish my thoughts, learnings and mistakes.

If you find anything that spark you attention, feel free to reach out. I am always keen to connect with people.