4:25 and An ode to strangers


4:25 and An ode to strangers

4:25 is the time it took me to run the 42 kilometers of the Gold Coast marathon. While being far from being a record-breaking time, I am delighted with it.

I had an absolute blast; not because I reached my goal but because the atmosphere was fantastic.

The community blew my mind.

For the whole four and half hours, there were hundreds of people encouraging us and cheering relentlessly, playing music or volunteering at the hydration stations.

It was unbelievable to see all these people helping us, helping me, to reach my goal.

I didn’t ask nor expect their help. But yet they were here. Giving me their time and energy and expecting nothing in return.

I do not doubt that I would have finished the run without them - but they made it a joyful experience.

They made me laugh, they helped me carry on through the pain when I hit the wall and they acclaimed me when I reached the line.

And the wild thing is that I am a total stranger to them. But yet, they got out of bed in the middle of winter, to come to help us finish the race.

It was heart-warming to be part of a community, even if it was for a few hours.

To all these people, I owe you a big thank you: Thank you!