Ignoring Files when formatting with Deno


Ignoring Files when Formatting with Deno

In How to test reading files in Deno, I explained how I created a dummy folder structure with notes inside to test the script that allows me to publish my Obsidian vault.

There is one gotcha though: when running deno fmt which is the formatter included with Deno (thank you!), my dummy notes where formatted, which would change their shape and my tests would fails.

To start with, I added a <!-- deno-fmt-ignore-file --> at the top of my notes. It worked, but it meant that I had to do it to all my notes, and it just looked out place.

There is an easier and better way to fix this issue: Deno configuration file.

By including a deno.json or deno.jsonc at the base of your directory, you can configure how deno behaves.

In the case of the formatter, all I had to do was to add these lines to my configuration file.

// deno.json
	// ... more configuration

There is a bunch of things that can be configured, the whole list available here.

See you soon 👋 Alo