I'm Grateful


As I am writing this I’m sitting on top of two timber logs, at the Col du Joly. I pulled out my laptop to write a bit of code, for a client.

I’m having a beer, I’ve got friends here - chatting beside me. The sun is setting, the Montblanc is behind me. Ahead, the valley is getting prepared for the night to come. It’s unreal. The view is amazing. This place is amazing.

We flew our paragliders all afternoon, playing in the wind. I even had a morning flight at Entrevernes.

I am feeling complete, whole and happy. The only thing missing is E. I wish she was here. I wish could experience this.

I am grateful. For my friends and my family. For the pandemic that locked me here and allowed me to experience this. For my job. For the efforts that paid off. For having E in my life. For that cold beer. For being alive. And all the experiences that made me who I am and lead me to that moment.

These moments are make life worth living

See you soon 👋,