CSS counter


CSS Counter

Counter are another of these obscur CSS property that you don’t know about until you come across it.

They’re quite cool though.

I use them here on this blog on code blocks to add the line number.

The counter-reset reset my line counter at the start of my <code> tag, effictively giving it a 0 value. So our css counter line = 0.

Then, for each .line of code (I’m using Shiki to parse and highlight my code blocks) we increment the counter by 1. Now, my CSS Counter counts my lines inside each code block!

Using a pseudo-element ::before to my line, I can append the line number and do some styling on it.

code {
  counter-reset: line;

code .line::before {
  counter-increment: line;
  content: counter(line);
  width: 1rem;
  margin-right: 1.5rem;
  display: inline-block;
  text-align: right;
  color: rgba(115,138,148,.4)

Really cool stuff, thanks to Alex Peattie for the tip!

See you soon 👋, Alo.